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Hello guys,

Bad news: I am abandoning the CONAN campaign that I kind of started. Sorry if you put effort into making a character.

Good news: I am working on a Pathfinder campaign. It will be centered around a thieves’ guild. I would like to start running after Holman comes back from Bangalore or wherever. I have a PDF of the Pathfinder core rules that I will bring to our next gaming session, or you can easily find it online. Please read this email and come up with a character concept and backstory, and email them to me.

Character Creation:
Start at level 1. 26d6 dice pool for stats. Pick a race and class from the core rulebook. No starting gold or equipment. Full HP at first level, roll for HP on level up.

Campaign Setting
This is a work in progress. The setting is homebrew and I want it to be collaboratively created with y’all. We will use the stock Pathfinder pantheon. The campaign will start on the material plane, on the continent of Balosh, in the human kingdom of Ostend, in the capital city of Mannheim. Create a backstory for your character prior to the start of the campaign and send it to me. Feel free to invent NPCs, places, organizations, etc for your origin. As part of your
character’s backstory decide how you ended up in jail, who sent you there, how long you have been locked up, and if you have an affiliation with the other characters or the thieves’ guild that is going to instigate the jailbreak. The thieves’ guild is one of several competing gangs that call Mannheim home. The guild is called the Razors. Razors are headed by a human rogue named Wallace Slyfoot. Wallace is planning the jailbreak to free imprisoned Razors, and will extend an offer to join the Razors to anyone else freed during the jailbreak.

Please work with each other and me to create the setting and characters in the campaign. I am excited about this project, and I will be ready to run once everyone’s character is ready.

Razor's Edge

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