Razor's Edge

Session the First: Jailbreak

In which the PCs Bust a Move

After being freed from the bonds of captivity by Wallace, the party subdues several guards, then proceeds to disguise themselves using their captors’ uniforms. This fools some of the guards, allowing the party to retrieve and neutralize the gem creating an anti-magic aura upon the jail. But the warden of the jail is not so easily fooled, and challenges the party to combat. The party emerges victorious.

Mallon was imprisoned for selling magical items in bulk to the natives of Davea. The theocracy of Ostend is at war with Davea, and Mallon was charged with giving aid and comfort to the enemy and sentenced to death. During the jailbreak, Mallon conceived the idea of disguising the party using the guard’s uniforms.

Unch, the cannibal barbarian, had been sentenced to execution because he is a cannibal barbarian. He concluded the adventure by feasting on the flesh of the fallen jail warden.

Gandhi, who was imprisoned and sentenced to death for his religious beliefs, recieved several divinatory revelations while the jailbreak was taking place. Will these visions continue? Can they be believed?

Metiias was also awaiting execution within the jail’s confines. During the jailbreak, he successfully deactivated the anti-magic aura that shielded the jail, and carries the artifact responsible with him.



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