Razor's Edge

My campaign's over.

This one’s history. Hope you had a good time.

Session the Fifth: Grievous Bodily Harm
In which Unch hits a home run

Gandhi (Eric) liberates Raathas, a cleric of Pharasma. Raathas maintains his innocence, and insists that he was only charged with sexual assault because of his religious beliefs.

Gandhi, along with Raathas and Fatboy (Jim for Josh) depart Mannheim in search of the rest of the party.

Mallon (Ben) is subjected to a goblin cleric casting Speak With Dead, with the following result;

Q: Where to find rest of treasure on your fingers more treasure?
A: The orc ate it.
Q: How to kill orc?
A: He can only be killed with water.

Unch (Piwo) and Metiias (Holman) bushwhack the goblinoids and Unch miraculously restores life to Mallon. Praise to name of deity here!

Session the Fourth: Tresspassing
In which Mallon meets with an unfortunate fate

Unch the Cannibal Barbarian (Piwo), Metiias (Holman), and Mallon Fairchild (Ben) struck out of the city of Mannheim. They sought to intercept some elite dwarven mercenaries who were headed to Mannheim, the capital city of Ostend. Their travels took them east of Mannheim, along the river. One night, two days east of the village of Riverside, the party was sleeping in the wilderness. Mallon was on watch duty when a hobgoblin warband ambushed the campsite. Mallon was killed outright. Unch, Metiias, and Valmer (NPC) barely escaped with their lives. The next day they returned to the campsite to find that Mallon’s corpse and the petty belongings left behind (including Unch’s custom-made cannibal cauldron) had been removed by the hobgobins. Tracking the trail of the warband, Unch and Metiias came upon a hobgoblin camp.

Session the Third: Prostitution
In which two new PCs join the adventure

Two new PCs, the dwarven thief Grunion (Paul) and the dwarven prostitute Krondas (Aras) are sent with Mallon to swap out a magical amulet belonging to a wizard for a counterfeit. They then proceed to collect some protection money from businesses within the Razor’s territory, though at one location empty promises suffice as payment.

Session the Second: Armed Robbery
In which the PCs kill retrieve some evidence by killing town guards

The PCs (minus Unch) are asked by Wallace to retrieve some evidence to be used in a trial against a Razor. They storm the town guard post where the evidence is kept and slay the guards, only to be surprised by a thief who seeks to claim Wallace’s bounty on the evidence. He is deftly overcome by the PCs, who are left to wonder: did Wallace double-book the job, or is there an informer in the operation?

Session the First: Jailbreak
In which the PCs Bust a Move

After being freed from the bonds of captivity by Wallace, the party subdues several guards, then proceeds to disguise themselves using their captors’ uniforms. This fools some of the guards, allowing the party to retrieve and neutralize the gem creating an anti-magic aura upon the jail. But the warden of the jail is not so easily fooled, and challenges the party to combat. The party emerges victorious.

Mallon was imprisoned for selling magical items in bulk to the natives of Davea. The theocracy of Ostend is at war with Davea, and Mallon was charged with giving aid and comfort to the enemy and sentenced to death. During the jailbreak, Mallon conceived the idea of disguising the party using the guard’s uniforms.

Unch, the cannibal barbarian, had been sentenced to execution because he is a cannibal barbarian. He concluded the adventure by feasting on the flesh of the fallen jail warden.

Gandhi, who was imprisoned and sentenced to death for his religious beliefs, recieved several divinatory revelations while the jailbreak was taking place. Will these visions continue? Can they be believed?

Metiias was also awaiting execution within the jail’s confines. During the jailbreak, he successfully deactivated the anti-magic aura that shielded the jail, and carries the artifact responsible with him.

I'm in jail, man! I'm in jail!

The only light comes from the slowly dying embers of a flickering torch set on the wall. The iron bars of your cell cast dancing shadows across the stone floor. The flagstone floor is stained with piss and shit. Your dark cell reeks. There are six cells in this wing of the jail.

Ben (Mallon Fairfield):

Fiery red silk is pressed against the bars of the cell, staining it with vertical streaks with oil and grit, but the delicate jacket is already ruined—scuffed and ripped at the shoulders, revealing slivers of a heavy woolen padding that must be making the wearer looked broader-shouldered than he really is. Good quality, and favoring delicacy of appearance over durability, the sort of daily garment you’d expect on a minor noble, or a merchant—more likely a merchant, given the baggy off-white khaki trousers and sturdy ankle-high leather boots that suggest a need to move among the harsher conditions of a market, a manufactory or a field. About the only thing throwing off that assessment is that the wearer is roughed up and in the capital’s jail.

You can see half of the profile of the man’s face when he looks back over his shoulder. Fair-skinned, long chestnut hair hanging down over his forehead and down to his shoulders behind. It might be better coiffed normally, but right now it’s a mess, tangled and looped around the long but blunted ear of a half-elf. His eyes are a deep agate, just a touch of fire to the brown.

Eric ():

Piwo ():

Holman ():

Josh (Fat Boy): “Is sodomy really that much of a crime? Shouldn’t I just have to pay a fine or something?”

Mark ():


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