Razor's Edge

Session the Fifth: Grievous Bodily Harm

In which Unch hits a home run

Gandhi (Eric) liberates Raathas, a cleric of Pharasma. Raathas maintains his innocence, and insists that he was only charged with sexual assault because of his religious beliefs.

Gandhi, along with Raathas and Fatboy (Jim for Josh) depart Mannheim in search of the rest of the party.

Mallon (Ben) is subjected to a goblin cleric casting Speak With Dead, with the following result;

Q: Where to find rest of treasure on your fingers more treasure?
A: The orc ate it.
Q: How to kill orc?
A: He can only be killed with water.

Unch (Piwo) and Metiias (Holman) bushwhack the goblinoids and Unch miraculously restores life to Mallon. Praise to name of deity here!



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