Razor's Edge

Session the Fourth: Tresspassing

In which Mallon meets with an unfortunate fate

Unch the Cannibal Barbarian (Piwo), Metiias (Holman), and Mallon Fairchild (Ben) struck out of the city of Mannheim. They sought to intercept some elite dwarven mercenaries who were headed to Mannheim, the capital city of Ostend. Their travels took them east of Mannheim, along the river. One night, two days east of the village of Riverside, the party was sleeping in the wilderness. Mallon was on watch duty when a hobgoblin warband ambushed the campsite. Mallon was killed outright. Unch, Metiias, and Valmer (NPC) barely escaped with their lives. The next day they returned to the campsite to find that Mallon’s corpse and the petty belongings left behind (including Unch’s custom-made cannibal cauldron) had been removed by the hobgobins. Tracking the trail of the warband, Unch and Metiias came upon a hobgoblin camp.



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